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Patient Information

Patient, Surgeon and Therapist – one Team.

Handtherapy Zurich treats adult and paediatric patients with all disorders of the upper extremity.

Clients should contact the praxis directly via telephone or email.

Alternatively, the contact form on our homepage can be used for further enquiries.

A therapy session last approximately 30-60 minutes. The fabrication of custom splints and casts can take longer.

For each patient a doctor’s prescription for occupational therapy is need, which is valid for 9 treatments. Only the necessary amount of treatment will be given and is often less than the prescribed number of sessions. Should a further series of nine treatments be necessary, then a new therapy prescription is required.

Occupational therapy costs are covered by all Swiss health and accident insurances. An excess of 10% is applicable for illness cases.

Splints, casts and other assistive devices are covered by the insurers up to Fr.250.00 per year.

Please provide all relevant insurance information at your first visit.

We attempt to provide all new patients with an appointment in a timely manner and have no waiting-lists. As we are occasionally called upon to see emergency cases, it is possible that a treatment time may be delayed, although we strive to keep waiting times as short as possible. We appreciate your understanding.

We look foreward to your enrolment.

Do you have any questions?

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Please contact us for appointment.

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